fragile project video

Fragile: Handle with Care was an interactive art installation that ran from February 16 to March 10, 2007 in the Galerie Bleue in Lacoste, France.

Upon entering the rough and rock-filled interior space of the gallery, one is confronted with the startling sight of luminous, colorful egg-vessels dispersed throughout. Close inspection reveals subtleties in the texture and the irregularity of the cracked shells, seductive objects that invite touching. A glowing "nest"object, holding three egg-vessels, is perched in the center of the room. Ambient sounds change based on the viewer's placement of the eggs in the nest, revealing that each one has a unique identity.

Once people overcome the fear of touching the art, they become immersed in the playful activity of hunting for sounds by finding more eggs within the crevices of the rocks and soil.

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