LoSai Coat Rack Video

LoSai–Italian for “you know”– is a range of Internet connected furniture that gives you only the information you need, and only at the moment you need it... like weather data when you're walking out the door.

Overcoat? Windbreaker? Umbrella? Approach the coat rack and it will greet you with a glow beneath its wooden face to reveal current and upcoming temperatures as well as conditions such as rain, wind and snow so you can make your decision wisely. A circular rack at its base balances the form with a space to keep umbrellas.

70.4” x 18.6” x 2.25”
Pine, PLA plastic, LED matrix display, electronic sensors and processor board.

Project team: Erik Stefans, Cherag Bhagwagar, Laeticia Mabilais Estevez